Iso Whey


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  • Contains 100% pure Isolate whey protein
  • The minimum amount of carbohydrate
  • An enzyme complex to help better and faster digestion of proteins
  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Can be used orally or to enrich handmade gavage with protein
  • Can be used in situations where the body's need for protein increases, such as burns, trauma, cancer, malnutrition, before or after surgery, delayed wound healing after surgery, systemic infection, bone marrow transplantation and pancreatitis


How to use:

The dosage is determined by the doctor or nutritionist according to the patient's needs.


Note :

  • People with phenylketonuria should not take this supplement.
  • Use of this supplement in patients with chronic renal failure and patients taking any specific medication, under the supervision of a physician.


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