Karen Pharma & Food Supplement Co.


 As the most important factor, balanced nutrition increases athletes' efficiency by providing energy and necessary nutrients for body which has direct effect on speed, strength, and concentration of athletes either in workout sessions or in competitions and is one of the key factors for athletes' success. So, appropriate diet plan align with exact and proper use of supplements not only provides energy for athletes' body, but also provides good conditions for better activity and supplies nutritional needs of body especially micronutrients.

There are some factors such as age, gender, and physique, the workout intensity and duration that affect the amount of energy demands in athletes. Therefore, designing a diet regime should be done by prescription of nutritionist and be specific to each person. Yet, there are lots of common fields in the nutrition of athletes. For example, there are some kinds of sport supplements such as protein, energy, and recovery-specific supplements for all sports.

On this base, "KAREN" Pharma and Food Supplement Company with coordination of Canadian company of "MASS GLOBAL NUTRITION" produces different kinds of supplements under the trademark of "PNC" by using the best and high quality primary materials and scientific experienced staff in different units. This company started its activity in 1381(2002) and by 250 staff (directly and indirectly) produces more than 45 different kinds of productions in different tastes and size in forms of powder, tablets, capsules and specific chocolate bars. As healthy and high quality production is of this company targets, KAREN Company has obtained all the required warrents from health, remedy and medical education ministration, industries and mines ministration, and certificates of HACCP, ISO9001, ISO 22000, to make the costumers insure of the healthiness, quality and effectiveness of these products and use them and gain the best results.

Consultation unit started its activity in KAREN Company from1384. This unit, named "consultant voice", is ready to answer the questions of dear costumers