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Features :

  • Helps to lose weight and increase the satiety
  • Reduces the blood lipid and sugar levels
  • A high percentage of inulin as a soluble fiber and complex carbohydrates
  • Phenographic grain fiber (fenugreek)
  • High biological value proteins (whey) 
  • Vitamins 
  •  Gluten-free and low lactose


How to Use :

  • Dissolve one scoop of the powders in a glass of water or low-fat milk at least three to four hours before consumption and store in the refrigerator for half an hour before eating.
  • For children over 12 years of age, depending on the size of the child's stomach, prescribe less than one scoop before each meal.


  • To prevent constipation due to weight-loss diets, it is recommended to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.
  •  The taste of the prepared shake is more desirable with milk.
  • This product is not recommended for people with intestinal obstruction.
  •  Prescribed with caution for children 5 to 12 years old.

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