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Features :

  • High biological value proteins (whey)
  • Glutamine (1.5 g  in each sachet)
  • Gluten-free
  • Help provide daily energy
  • Help reduce appetite and increase satiety
  • Help prevent loss of body protein and muscle wasting in people on weight loss diets


How to Use :

Dissolve one sachet of Pure Protein in a glass of lukewarm water/skim milk, and drink it cold 30 minutes before your meal.

When using protein supplements, the amount of daily water intake should be increased to eliminate protein metabolism waste. It is recommended to drink at least a glass of water for every scoop of powder.



  • People with phenylketonuria should not take this supplement.
  • This supplement is allowed in patients with chronic renal failure and patients taking any particular medication under the supervision of a physician or nutritionist.
  • Because glutamine is unstable in water, it should be taken immediately after preparation.
  • Do not take supplements with hot liquids.

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