Whey Albumin


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  •  44% protein including a combination of whey and albumin proteins
  •  12 different vitamins to supply 100% daily needs
  •  Ideal supplement for gaining weight and muscle mass at the early stages of the training period
  •  Effective on preventing the muscular break down after workout session


How to use:

Add 5 scoops (155 grams) of whey Albumin to 500 ml (0.5 liter) of water, milk, or fruit juice and serve it in 2-3 portions daily. To encourage maximum muscle weight gain, take one porion 1-2 hour’s before the workout and portion up to 1 hour after that. The taste of this production is more desirable when mixed with milk.


Note :

  • People with phenylketonuria should not take this supplement.
  • Use of this supplement in patients with chronic renal failure and patients taking any specific medication, under the supervision of a physician.

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